Thursday, October 16, 2003

The (After) Opera Experience

I won't share much about the Opera itself - it was long and dramatic and the sets were highly realistic - because it was after the Opera that the fun began.

I can't tell the whole night as a long story, so I'll just list a few images and you can sort them out for yourself -

---the license plate of a truck that read A55450N. most of you probably won't get that.
---the realization that to get anywhere, you must first drive towards something, turn around, drive away an equal distance, then turn around again and drive back.
---Kenneth mothering Kai about his clothes and Kai mothering Kenneth about his sleeping habits.
---Matt jumping out of the car at a red light, running back and hopping into the car stopped behind us.
---Twombley calling Matt Inspector Gadget in reference to his many coats.
---Me, reaching over the counter at Dicks to grab a napkin. The cashier scolding me sharply, saying "Please don't do that!!"
---finding out that Dicks really isn't on Puget Sound

You'll probably see similar posts from everyone else who experienced this. Look for more description in theirs, as mine does not do this night justice.


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