Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Decemberists Turn To Bittorrent!

The Decemberists, one of my absolute favorite bands these days, has decided to skip all the MTV/VH1 bull (they're far too busy with the Ashlee Simpson Show to play music anyways) and release their new video Sixteen Military Wives across the net using Bittorrent. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Azureus and seed that shit!

For those of you who don't know the band, a quick intro: they remind me of Beck and Neutral Milk Hotel and the singer uses a vocabulary reminiscent of the mid-1800's. Sweet.

The video release today corresponds with the release of their new album Picaresque, which is just as wonderful as their previous albums.


Blogger Andrew Hitchcock said...

By doing this, they just gained a sale. I'll explain:

I read Chris' post, downloaded it, and eventually watched it. It was enjoyable.

I was catching up on The Stranger and read their story about The Decemberists. It interested me, so I went about looking for follow up info.

I listened to some samples on iTunes as well as their interview and performance on KEXP.

I really enjoyed the music, so I was sold. I was going to take the bus downtown Friday night, buy it at Easy Street, and then catch a ride home with my parents. Unfortunately, I got a later start than I should have, and my parents got out of the Sonics game earlier than they thought they would. So, I asked them to pick it up for me. We listened to a little on the way home, and then I ripped it. I have been enjoying it ever since.

4/03/2005 4:07 AM  

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