Friday, March 18, 2005

McGill Srikes! Err, Strikes!

McGill Strikes

Today, Quebecer McGill students striked en masse in response to the Quebec government pulling some of their financial aid. Over 100,000 students across the province are already striking. Not sure how I feel about this: the rest of Canada already pays federal taxes that go towards the Quebec welfare system, and yet when students from anywhere else in Canada come to McGill, they pay over four times as much as the Quebec students. I don't hear any Quebecers mentioning that, of course. Nor the illegal raising of international student tuition, which I am of course paying. In the end, students here pay less for their education than any other student in North America. However, when you're founding your province on the principles of socialism, I can see where sentiments like this can come from.

For more info, see The McGill Daily.


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