Saturday, March 26, 2005

It's Quiet... Too Damn Quiet

Everybody left for Easter! Me, Dan, Kartik, Laura, and Lex are all that's left of Molson 5 East, sadly.. it's like Canadian Thanksgiving all over again. Been finding a few things to do here and there - today was great - but why does it have to be this quiet? I feel so out of it.

Ah, not like you care though. Unless you happen to know me and want to do something tonight, in which case I urge you to CALL CALL CALL the cell. Please.

Sorry. There's not much else to write about today. I found a cool little deal called Clocky which I need considering how many alarms it takes to get my ass out of bed. Basically, it's fluffy and it rolls and when you click snooze, it rolls off your nightstand and finds a place to hide, forcing you to get up and find it. Apparently it finds new hiding places every morning. I'm impressed.

Oh, and is the Pope dead? Seems like we've seen little proof of life in the last week, and yet this would be such an unfortunate weekend to lose the Pope - maybe they're waiting to spread the news? You decide.


Blogger Andrew Hitchcock said...

Will, my clustermate, visited Rome this week over spring break. Before he left, he mentioned that he hoped the pope wouldn't die while he was there... well, at least not until he got to see the Sistine Chapel.

3/27/2005 2:48 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Would have been something of a mess, I bet.

3/27/2005 1:23 PM  

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