Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Laura K. Krishna is a Plagiarist and Everyone Knows It

Boing Boing pointed me to this deliciously evil fun.

The story: Nate Kushner recieves an instant message from an unknown college student asking him to write her a paper on Hinduism, apparently because his AOL profile lists "Eating Hindu Sculpture" as a hobby. He leads her on, writes her a bogus paper, and proceeds to destroy her for trying to plagiarize. Amazing.
Nate Kushner: Yeah, that;s something we can talk about.
Laura K. Krishna: lets talk about it then
Nate Kushner: As long as you understand that plagiarism is not going to free you from the painful cycle of death and rebirth any quicker.
Laura K. Krishna: ok
Laura K. Krishna: so can u help me
Nate Kushner: I think I can. It is my duty, as we are all children in the arms of Chivas.
From the essay:
The second class is the Kshatriya, the warrior class, who acted as the protectors of the peace. I made a doody. Vaishya, the producing class, work as business people providing economic stability to the society.
Of course, this story has spread across the blogosphere like wildfire. Justice will be delivered.


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