Saturday, March 12, 2005

Political Influence of the Blogosphere: Red vs. Blue

Researchers Natalie Glance and Lada Adamic (of BlogPulse and HP Labs, respectively) have written a fantastic paper documenting the degree of interaction and behavior among top conservative and liberal blogs in the months leading to November's election. They examine the posts of 40 "A-list" blogs, and provide a snapshot of 1000 political blogs on a single day.


  • Almost an equal number of influential liberal and conservative blogs.

  • Conservative blogs showed a greater tendency to link to other blogs (84% linking vs. 74% liberal linking).

  • Clear preference lines were drawn as to which news sources to cite (Fox News vs. Los Angeles Times, for example).

  • Liberal blogs referred to Bush more than conservative blogs, and conservative blogs referred more to Kerry than liberal blogs.

Hmm. I hate such stark divisions - red state vs. blue state and all that. Makes us all seem much more distant and different than we really are. Remember, we truly all live in a purple state.


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