Monday, December 06, 2004

Dead Week

Ah well, it's dead week at McGill, and these days I only rarely glimpse m neighbors, on their way back and forth between here and the library. I'v somehow managed to avoid the suffering, with only one exam that isn't for week and a half, so I'm probably not anyone's favorite at the moment

I'm spending my time reading, wandering the city, christmas shopping, and setting up this site (a goal of mine that I've had for a while). I'm grateful for the chance to relax, but at them same time I'm straining to go home. Home sounds fantastic right now.

Not much else to add. It's getting cold, the snow has fallen, and I'm wondering where the squirrels and pigeons will go when it becomes too cold to live (can't be too long now). Do squirrels hibernate? What about pigeons? This is not a city in which to live without a home.


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