Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Yes so anyways. As many others have said, calculus is the absolute BANE of my existance! Does it really need to be this hard? AAAH.

Today we had Tuga substituting for Welch in Biomed, and at the end of class he decided to tell a story about a boy who falls off a roof. And impales himself on rebar. Which punctures his heart. And severes an artery to his face. And forms a bulge in his neck. Now I was already feeling crappy, because I hadn't eaten and I've been sick since Sunday, and this story pushed me over the edge - I think I actually fainted. The blood ran out of my head, anyways. Remind me never to become a doctor, please.

And now, for a mini-rant. Humanities - why oh why won't people just say things that are relevant to the discussion?? I swear we waste half the class period and destroy perfectly good discussions every single day. I'm sorry, but "sure, TV can be good sometimes, especially for disabled people who can't do anything else but live vicariously through TV people..." is not a valid response to the question "well, what would society look like if everybody lived entirely mainstream? would it be good?" NOT to mention all the assumptions, generalizations, and sexist comments that we hear every day even in a good discussion... BAH I'm done.


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