Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Back from New York!

I'll try and talk a bit about the trip...

After landing in NYC Friday morning, we drove over to Manhattan to check out Columbia. Having searched tirelessly for a parking spot, we walked towards the center of campus (the lone patch of grass between two opposing libraries). As the square came into view, I saw what I had expected: students wandering around in slightly drab clothing carrying lots of books. Two seconds later, I was deafened by ...get this... trance techno! That's right, nothing says ivy league university like a good ol' rave. I half expected the students to doff their dreary coats and pull out some glow sticks. This didn't happen. Instead, they wandered on like nothing was happening, and I noticed the giant stage on one side of the square, set up (as I later found out) to celebrate the 250th birthday of the uni.

ACK it's bedtime all of a sudden so I'll finish my story tomorrow afternoon....


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