Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Anyways, so New York is spectacular in fall. That night I met up with one of my mums Columbia Social Work professor friends. She introduced me to another professor guy and his partner, and their dog Winton. We all had a very New York night out wandering Greenwich village, drinking coffee and eating cupcakes.

As I mentioned, Columbia was celebrating its 250th birthday, and there was gonna be a really good concert Sunday night. Friday night, however, the musical entertainment consisted of people singing the school fight song on stage. Which is not really a fight song... more of a chorale. I certainly wouldn't want to hear it upon scoring a touchdown (something their football team rarely does).

The rest of the weekend involved a lot of driving and wandering around campuses in the rain and/or freezing cold. Boston is a really nice city, if a bit less interesting than New York. Harvard has a boring campus - all identical red brick colonial buildings. Everyone at MIT walks really fast and pays an incredible amount of attention to the floor (but not to bathing habits).

Allllright I should probably go work. Ha. More later.


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