Friday, April 22, 2005

I Are Invigilatored

Spent the day feeling like a prisoner at the hands of the invigilators, a group of sadistic $10/hr fiends who proctored (sounds comfortable) my two-in-one tests today, for I am a conflict student. Yes, that's right - I commited the grevious offence of registering for two classes who eventually decided to schedule the same exam period, and because of my actions I have had to be dealt with quite specially. This morning around 8:45, I arrived at my Bio exam (5 hours before the normal exam) and was told not to talk to anyone including myself, except for the invigilators. Such a terrible word. I took my exam, was escorted into the bathroom after, sat in silence for another two hours, and then was herded with another girl to my linguistics exam at the hands of Herr Chief Invigilator herself, who couldn't help but glance at me every two seconds as if I was about to commit murder. Or call my friend and spill the answers to the exam. Either way, no respect. None. Took linguistics, had to "invent" a brand-spanking-new grammar unit in French, and left in a daze.

Well, that was my day. The week's been spend studying and stressing. Tonight we're going out, though, and then I'm watching a movie with Kalei. Home soon, moving into the house sooner, done with exams on Wednesday.

Ah, but I hear drunk people outside. Must run.


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