Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ice, Christmas, Nicholson, and Lynch

I saw ten people fall while walking today. We've had freezing rain for the last two days, and for the first time I can remember (being from Seattle and all), it's actually sticking, and there's now two or three inches of ice everywhere on the ground. Beautiful sometimes, but scary when you have to walk a steep sidewalk down to class.

It's been an incredibly relaxing week: staying up late talking to Kalei, waking up past noon to the grey light of a cold day, in general taking my time and enjoying it. I've done a bit of Christmas shopping - downtown's spectacularly done up with lights and wreaths and such, and everything's festive. It's wonderful shopping for someone I know so well and love so much.

Yesterday, I tweaked the site even more, and I think I'm approaching a finished design. There's still a bit of code I'd like to add, however.

I watched part of As Good As It Gets last night with Kalei, and we finished it this evening. Beautiful characters, and we both decided that some day we'd get one of those dogs. I think that Shatze would be a nice name.

Ah, and earlier this evening, I watched the David Lynch movie Eraserhead with Janet, Seth, Dan, and Andrew from the dorm. Not for the queasy, I'll tell you. It involves an awkward man with tall hair, a hysteric daughter with a hysteric mother, a girl with puffy cheeks who lives in a heater, and an inhuman baby that looks like a skinned rabbit. It seemed to have a lot to do with (Lynch's?) discomfort with sexuality, women, and childbirth especially. Lots of symbology involving little sperm/fetus/worms. Reminded me of an article I once read called "Monstrous Mothers" by Marina Warner. If you feel like something trippy, uncomfortable, and low-budget, then check it out. Otherwise, I say Lynch can keep his issues to himself.

Not much else to say for now. I'm home in a week, and I couldn't be more excited.

Oh, and anyone reading this should check out Calexico's "Feast Of Wire" album. Americana mixed with mariachi at its finest.


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