Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Free Man

Having gone through five mechanical pencils and plenty of sanity, today I am emerged fully rid of all finals. I finished up Cognition this morning and my 40 minute (!) Italian exam yesterday morning. Done, and it feels damn good. My handwriting's approaching normal, too.

Today, the weather is shit and getting shittier by the minute. Went for a wander with John and John to look at "garage" sales, found absolutely nothing. One guy, whose ad on the McGill classifieds went something like this,
I must be CRAZY to offer things so low, but I am!!! Everything must go today!!!
Insanely cheap prices, Everything must go today!!! Get this stuff out of my house!!! Many Free Items. 3475 Durocher 1-8pm
had a one room apartement that smelled like (yea, you guessed it) shit and tried to sell me toilet paper and a half-used bottle of windex. No furniture. It was just him in there and a guy who looked suspiciously like the Boustan deliveryman trying to buy a broken phone. We backed out real quick. Others sold only repetitions of Ikea, and if I wanted cheap particle board I'd go there myself and choose something that actually looked nice.

Home in five days, neuro appointment tomorrow, St. Sulpice on Friday night. Move-in date: the 1st. If we can get the stubborn tenants-whose-lease-ends-on-the-30th out first.


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