Monday, April 25, 2005

K-Rock 96.5 Off The Air

For those of you who live in Seattle and enjoy, uh, "alternative oldies classic rock," today must be a sad day. In a move typical of umbrella ultramegacorp Infinity, which owns most of the radio, K-Rock 96.5 abruptly stopped broadcasting recently and is now filling the dead air with movie clips and Don Henley.

Ex-96.5-DJ Andy Savage has this to say:
Andy, Steve, Jodi & Ron want to apologize to everyone who made us their first choice every morning. We sincerely wish we could have said something on the air to let you know what was going on but we had no idea. It came as quite a shock to us. All we can say is please check this site again soon, we shall return to a radio near the meantime, browse the site and check out the cool things we've done with many of you in the past year! And thanks for your patience...
The station is switching to Jack FM format: pre-packaged, pre-programmed, pre-scheduled radio from somewhere else. Hoo-ray.


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