Wednesday, May 04, 2005

En Ete

It's official, it's summer, it's warm, it's green, and I'm back. From Montreal, that is, finished with finals and half moved into the house on Cherrier. Flew back on Monday drinking bottle after bottle of water. Had a great weekend with Dad.. on Saturday we went up to Quebec City, which was all European and grey stone and big ramparts. We ate plenty of great food over the last few days, too.. Sushi again at that place under the Marriot, Thai on Crescent, Santropol, and Schwartz's. On Sunday we had to deal with those ridiculous ex-tenants, but it all worked out. As far as I know, they've moved out and left a nice big empty house for our summer subletters.

This is the first I've had proper computer time since at least Thursday, so sorry for the lack of updates. Moving out is damn hard. Oh, but did I mention that everyone went out to St. Sulpice for an end-of-the-year party on Friday night? Incredible! Of course, I was the only sober person there, but that didn't matter. Drunk people don't care! So there were lots of happy goodbyes, and I have the numbers of a few B.C.ers who want me to visit over the summer. Um, that's about all I can say about the last week in Montreal. Hectic.

Seeing Kalei and my family has of course been my reward at the end of all this. Time to relax, get a job, and settle down for a warm four months in Seattle.


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