Tuesday, December 14, 2004


The last two days have largely been spent studying... and eating. I had my Sex Ethics final this afternoon, which I believe went at least as well as the midterm. I'm in a wonderful mood at the moment, mostly because in less than twelve hours I'm on my way home! Right now I've got a load of washing on, and I'm about to break out the massive duffell bag that I have to lug home so I can lug it back with skiing equipment.

Sunday morning, I went to the little restaurant Santropol with Janet and her sister. Seth was supposed to come too, but he's nocturnal. Absolutely incredible place... had to be one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. It was simple - smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, red onion. But so good - it had to be five inches thick. The bread was freshly baked, brown as anything but much tastier than your average whole wheat. I had a nice big cup of hot apple cider to go with it.

Yesterday, I was introduced to two bands that I wish I'd heard sooner: the Books, and God Speed You Black Emperor! (GYBE!). The Books draw from a massive library of recorded sounds, pulling it all together with some original recordings of guitar plucking, violins, banjo and occasional vocals. The result is beautiful: seemingly random loops of sound form rythms that feel classically Americana. You can't necessarily understand all the lyrics, but their meaning comes across clear as day. The music feels like a raw expression of emotion. Try any of their tracks, and you'll understand.

GYBE!, on the other hand (or GY!BE as they are apparently called these days), I can't really explain. They're from Montreal, a full orchestra that weaves together massive soundscapes that last forever. I've got the F#A#oo album, which is three tracks each around twenty minutes. I think part of "East Hastings" may have been in 21 Days Later. Every time I listen, it feels like a new soundtrack to a completely different movie. Every listen has a storyline. That's easy to feel, as they mix in long recordings of apocolyptic street preachers to drooping guitar.

Alright, well I need to go grab my washing. Tonight I'm off to the Upstairs Jazz Bar for another night of free jazz student music. Next post, I'll either be at home or on my way!


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