Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Alright, so I apologize but I feel like I need to yell. Or type, I guess. You'll understand why, and probably feel like yelling yourself. Here goes.

Yesterday, one of my neighbors and good friends sat down to breakfast at the opposite end of a table with three other guys. The moment he sat down, the three guys looked up and, beyond all my comprehension, told him that "this is a WHITES ONLY table." When my friend was too stunned to move, they got up and left.

When I heard this, I was at first more stunned than angry. But the anger grew pretty fast. It's unfortunate that my friend has no idea what they looked like, because god damn. What kind of backwards fck thinks he can talk like that? I feel that sort of comment should get you kicked out of school. Or at least suspended. How dare they try and make my friend feel like he doesn't deserve to sit where he wants?

I am daily forced to realize that ideas like this still exist. And not just among the KKK or whomever: massive prejudice (not just racism) lives on in the general population - in a society I once considered modern. People hate gays, hate women, hate men, hate Muslims, hate Christians, hate Jews, hate immigrants, hate rednecks, hate liberals, hate conservatives, hate the rich, hate the poor.

Well, here's one who won't sink to that level. Here's one who's sick to death of all the ignorance, all the pettiness, all the blindness.

I will never make apologies for those who judge, those who generalize, those who hate.


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