Thursday, January 13, 2005

Je ne me souviens pas. No, it's too cold.

Back in the good ol' seceding land of Kay-bec, and I'm thinking about buying a humidifier. Think I sound like an old lady? Fine. You don't know the dryness. My face crackles and crunches like the murderous ice that's everywhere out to get me. Falling on the sidewalk isn't funny here; it's a part of life. Still, falling in the cafeteria or during finals merits a laugh.

Imagine: taking a three hour final, sitting in a gym surrounded by hundreds of other students in silent parallel rows of hunched shoulders. It's 2:30 - half an hour in, the pencils are flying and the static of firing neurons is all that can be heard. Hopes are shattering. Tears appearing. Then... creak, creak, BAM. Some poor soul has just finished short answer, when his desk collapses. Screws, splinters, pencils all scatter. Student lies sideways in a heap of twisted remnants. One thousand heads turn.

Speaking of painful experiences, I'm now taking Calculus 2, Biology 2, Psychology of Cognition, Into to Linguistics, and Italian 2. The first two are prereqs for McGill's cog sci major, I'm afraid. To all you High School seniors reading this (nobody I'm sure), take your AP tests!. If you're going to a school like McGill, it could save you a year of college. No joke.

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but things have been busy. I spent my last three nights in Seattle at Kalei's dorm, and I wish I was still there. I never have so much fun as when I'm with her.

Now, I'm not as much one to post or advertise my politics, but I see people tend to splurg a bit on their sites. A couple things have been on my mind since around New Years:

President Bush's initial response to the Tsunami disaster was a pledge of $35 million dollars, less than the $45 million in aid he pledged towards his own second inaugeration ceremony, and roughly equivalent to the amount spent before breakfast in Iraq. On the other hand, the world as a whole has responded wonderfully to the disaster. If only it would bother to respond with such force to a disaster even more widespread that kills over a hundred thousand people every few weeks: AIDS. The nations of the world can do incredible things when sufficiently motivated. They need to be motivated more often!

That's about it for now.. it's late and I should sleep. More soon!


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