Friday, December 24, 2004

I <3 Holiday

I've been too busy to write since I got home, so sorry for the lack of activity but no worries it's been fu times.

Kalei picked me up from the airport on wednesday afternoon, after a little confusion over which terminal/baggage claim/airport I was at. Needless to say, it was wonderful.

Since then, I've done a lot of relaxing, christmas shopping, exploring, driving, singing jazz duets wtih Kalei, and basically enjoying myself. I went up to Mt. Baker over the weekend with my dad, Nicholas, and his friend Dwight. That was really nice - we stayed in a little cabin not half an hour from the slopes. Unfortunately, it's been a bit warm so the snow wasn't spectacular but whatever it was great. [continued]

On that note, I hear it's about -39' F in Montreal (with wind chill?). It's hovering around 45 here. Joy.

As of this morning, I'm totally done with Christmas shopping, and as usual I'm close to broke. But it's worth it - I'm giving good stuff this year. I'm not about to go over everything I've done this week, because I think that would take a while, so I'll just mention the last two days.

Last night was incredible. I got all dressed up, grabbed some flowers, and picked up Kalei (looking spectacular in her black dress) for a night out at the Nutcracker. It was at the new McCaw Opera House.. so much fun. We were the nicest dressed people I could see. I was a little confused, though. I've seen the Nutcracker once before. I was much smaller, but I still felt like I could remember most of the story. However, the ballet I saw last night had little or nothing to do with what I remember. Since when is there a Pasha, Chinese Tiger, or Peacock? I remember Sugar Plum Fairies and candy canes, and much more conflict with the mice. I guess there are several interpretations? And who wrote the original story? Tchaikovsky? Hoffmann? Mmmm.

After, we tried to go to a little Italian place that we love in Pioneer Square, but was closed. Instead, we hit up the happy hour at Ruth's Chris, and for $20 we got two ceasar salads, a quarter pound cheese burger with fries, onion rings, bbq prawns with potatoes, blackened chicken skewers, and three drinks. Not bad, eh?

Today, I picked up Matt and we finished my Christmas shopping, before heading over to Seattle Center. We hoped to see the Bob Dylan exhibit at the EMP, but I had had no idea how much their tickets cost. Twenty bucks! Ridiculous. So instead, we went to the Pacific Science Center, and smashed all my childhood memories on the rocks. I used to go there all the time as a little boy, and I thought hit was sooo cool. It's so ghetto now! For that matter, all of Seattle Center is run down. Very carny-esque.

Anyhoo, now I'm off to see Meet the Fockers with Kalei and Lisa. I'll try to make a better effort to keep up with my writing after Christmas. Until then!


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