Sunday, January 30, 2005

As usual

Strange week for me - one of those ones where I can't quite pick out the individual days or pieces of the day or anything too specific, it feels too mixed. The ski trip was a wonderful break and chance to blow som steam, but I've been hammered since. Something about this semester's schedule keeps me going non-stop I'm on campus all day, but with weird and useless breaks between all my commitments. I bounce around n more than three classes and a couple other commitments a day, and then it's dark and I'm working and the it's 12 and I sleep. Or should. That's why I can't pull much from my week: there's this horrible rythmi monotony.

Add to that some depressing developments at home and some painful realizations about my life here and it gets oppresive.

I really shouldn't complain, though. That's something I need to work on.

Bio midterm on Tuesday. I've spent much of today trying to study and sometimes I'm marginally successful, but actually I daydream most of the time. I blame it on the GY!BE records. They mess with my head. At 5pm, a picture in my Bio textbook of the surface of Mars shot me into a 2 hour day dream marathon in which I came up with the full plot for an exciting space adventure movie. Including the trailer, which if you ask me is always the funnest part. Then I fell asleep, and Dan woke me up and I related the whole story to him and we agreed it's pretty sweet.

This week I rediscovered Tim Hortons. Tonight, we're ordering Poutine from Mama's.


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